Universal Children’s Day 2022

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception of Victoria was filled with joy and laughter as children from various choirs around Mahe made their voices echoed singing joyful songs to commemorate the Universal Children’s Day on Sunday 20th November 2022.

The afternoon of the 20th November was one to remember, as the distinguished guests, which included the Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Mrs. Patricia Francourt, The Minister for Land and Habitat, Mr. Billy Rangasamy and his family, the Minister for Education, Dr. Justin Valentin, clergies from different denominations, guests, parents, and others present spent that afternoon listening to the wonderful messages of the Children through their songs, prayers, poems and recital.

A total of 12 choirs participated in the Spiritual concert organized by the Social Affairs Department within the Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs, to mark the Universal Children’s Day celebrated around the World every 20th November. This year’s theme was “Inclusion of every Child”.

The 2 hour programme sparked off by the lightning of a candle in memory of all other children who had since left this world and also in recognition of all children fighting a silent battle by Ms. Beryl Laboudallon, the Director for Social Services accompanied with a child.
When addressing the children, and those present, Minister Francourt congratulated them for all the wonderful performance by each one of them which has highlighted important values and virtues in their daily life, such as morality, spirituality, responsibility etc… Minister Francourt expressed that “These are the messages of our children that us as adults must listen and acknowledge”

The Minister also urged the children to know and exercise their rights and responsibilities in a way that will benefit themselves, their environment and the society as a whole. Likewise, the Minister reiterated on the ever growing need to protect our children, and to surround them with love, compassion and understanding. The minister also highlighted on the many talents she had seen that afternoon and how privileged it was to be spending this Universal Children’s Day in a merry and joyful way.

During the ceremony, the Minister presented a little girl with a token for her act of bravery during an incident this year. Special tokens were also presented to another girl celebrating her birthday that day.

The event ended with benediction from Father Alcindor and Reverend Elizabeth. Minister Billy Rangasamy and wife Erica joined all the children on a final note to sing “En soley ya pe leve lo nou pei” to finally close the curtain on a happy and cheerful note.