Night Shelter


The Night Shelter was opened in 2014 at North East Point in response to a sudden alarming situation where an increasing number of people were seen sleeping in Victoria. The government acknowledges that certain vulnerable individuals can become “homeless” and require support and temporary shelter and hence the need to have a Night Shelter.

The Night Shelter is currently offering services to only male clients and has the capacity to cater for 20 clients. It is under the responsibility of the Social Affairs Department and is managed by an Administrator, Mrs. Maria Doudee, 1 Assistant Administrator, 3-night attendants and 1 part-time attendant.

Service users are identified and referred for admission to the Night Shelter by the Family Support Unit. Admission is permitted in exceptional circumstances after office hours whereby Service Users’ request for service is referred by a known partner/organization or senior officials of the Ministry responsible for Social Affairs.

The aims of the Shelter are:

  • Provide a temporary and safe accommodation for those in need
  • Help the homeless person to re-integrate back into their families and  society
  • Facilitate support services for the clients to improve their social/medical situation
  • Promote social inclusion.


The mission is to provide a safe place for the “homeless” to sleep at night and provide the opportunity for counseling in the effort to give their life meaning and re-integrate with their families.

Core Values

The Night Shelter is cognisant of the need to treat all service users with respect and is guided by fundamental values;


Uphold the dignity of the clients regardless of social standing, religious beliefs, and political affiliations


Respect for others




Promote self-worth


Maintain confidentiality of information of clients

Contact Details

Office: (248) 4241097
Mobile: (248) 2723630