Child Health Care and Parenting Education Programme

Child Health Care and Parenting Education Programme

The Child Health Care and Parenting Education programme developed by the Department of Social Affairs was introduced in 2013 as a direct response to calls by the public for structures that empower parents to undertake their roles, responsibilities and tasks from conception, pregnancy and early childhood. This programme was extended in 2015 to include session for parents at post-delivery. The Department of Social Affairs worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Civil Society to deliver the two programme which became an important part of the Maternal and Child Health package.

The vision of the programme is to have parents who are better prepared for parenthood and who are strong psychologically hence, they are able to create homes that nurture their child/ children from birth and promote their holistic development to become positive, strong and well –adjusted citizens able to contribute significantly in the national development of the Seychelles.

The programmes cover a wide range of topics including; psychological, social, educational and spiritual needs of parents and children. It complements the standard contents of the ante-natal classes such as breathing techniques, diet during pregnancy and health of the baby with greater emphasis on the psychological needs and impact of pregnancy on the couple, stressed associated with child-birth and child rearing which may affect the mother and baby.

The sessions are on offer in all six regions and enrolment can be done through the health clinics.

  • North; Beau Vallon, Glacis
  • South; Anse Royale, Takamaka, Baie Lazare
  • East; Les Mamelles, Anse aux Pins
  • West; Anse Boileau, Beoliere
  • Central; English River, High Risk clinic
  • Inner island; Praslin, La Digue