Social Services Division


To create a society with strong families where its people are empowered to enjoy a good quality of life.


To work proactively and strategically with all stakeholders to promote a high standard of social functioning and inculcate a culture of self-reliance, responsibility, respect, commitment and tolerance in society.


Court, Adoption & Fostering Section

  • Identify foster and adoptive parents.
  • Arrange placements in foster homes following investigations.
  • Facilitate the adoption process.
  • Provide reports to the Courts and the Family Tribunal in relation to: custody, access, maintenance, guardianship, adoption, interdicted minor’s property and interdicted disabled adult’s property.
  • Provide guidance and counseling to parties regarding children’s issues.

Community, Child Protection & Family Support Section

  • Work with children and their families by providing services to dys-functional families to restore social functioning.
  • Counsel, support and guide children and their families.
  • Empower children to protect themselves.
  • Protect abused children and those who are at risk of harm through clear intervention plans.
  • Conduct preventive work regarding abuse of children.
  • Register children who are at risk.
  • Work in close collaboration and in partnership with child protection partners.
  • Maintain society and alleviate social problems by providing the necessary assistance.
  • Safeguard the interest of the weak and vulnerable groups.
  • Assist individuals and groups to restore their social functioning.
  • Provide support and counselling to families and children in the community.
  • Cooperate with other community resources in the education of individuals and families with regard to social forces which affect them.
  • Provide assistance to senior citizens.
  • Counsel families to take responsibility and care for their elderly parents.
  • Empower service users to better fulfil their potentials.
  • Man the Children’s Helpline

Monitoring and Compliance Section

  • Assure the suitability of people wanting to work with children in line with the Regulations.
  • Ensure that stakeholders and employing Organisations, Non-Government Organisations exercise due diligence to safe guard children.
  • Engage in processing formalities to screen potential candidates and people working in child related field.
  • Monitor and inspect Children’s Care Homes to ensure that implementation of the minimum sets of standards that embody the best interest of the child principle.