Principal Secretary Secretariat


  • Responsible to ensure that the Department is complying to all laws, codes of conduct, Employment Act, Public Service Order and Financial Instructions and provide support services to all divisions.
  • Formulate and implement human resource policies, training and succession plans.
  • Conduct regular reviews of the establishment, organization structure, nominal roll and creation of post.
  • Responsible for human resources development of the Department.
  • Ensure that training activities support both the individual and Department’s objectives.
  • Encourage and support learning for all employees.
  • Ensure that implementation of the Department’s training plan.
  • Plan and implement cost-effective training.
  • Co-ordinate all training and development activities.
  • To provide IT support for the Department
  • Update of Department’s information on the website.


  • Monitor Financial System within the Department to ensure no irregularities.
  • Investigate internal audit queries.
  • Audit control established systems.
  • Detect weaknesses and suggest amelioration systems on existing systems.
  • Provide financial administration and control of the Department.
  • Control over expenditure and income of all Divisions of the Department in accordance with the Financial Regulations.
  • Coordinate the preparation of estimates of the annual Capital and Recurrent Budget of all the Divisions of the Department.
  • Provide report on the situation of the Department’s budget.


  • Ensure the efficient and proper maintenance of the Department’s transport facilities.
  • Responsible for the drivers/messengers.
  • Ensure availability of storage facilities for supplies and disposable items.
  • Ensure the efficient and proper maintenance of facilities and equipment belonging to the Department.
  • Deals with disposal of all assets.
  • Ensure that the accounting and the control procedures for stores and other assets as laid down in Financial Instructions along with the guidelines in Section 12.2 of the Accounting Manual are followed at all times.
  • Maintain an up to date computerized inventory of assets of the Department.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and safety of all buildings under the Department.