ECCE Project

Projects 2015-2016
Implementation And Evaluation Of The Ante-natal And Post-delivery Parenting Education Programme
Strengthening the Implementation of the Risk Indicator Framework (RIF)
Suitability check for Childminders
Projects 2017-2018
Projects 2019- 2020
Survey On The Level Of Care And Welfare Of Children Born To Teenage Mothers
Assessing The Effectiveness Of Parenting Education Ante-natal And Post-delivery Sessions Held From 2013 To 2018
Monitoring Standards In Children Homes
Upgrading Interviewing Facilities To Provide A Safe, Supportive And Comfortable Waiting And Interview Room For Child Service Users (2-8 Years)
Projects 2021-2022
Monitoring The Provision For Child Protection In Children’s Homes
Welfare of Teenage Mothers