Social Affairs Department

Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs

Empowering Families

Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs

Children Helpline: 116

Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs
Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs
Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs
Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs

Social Affairs Department

In October 2020 the Social Affairs Department moved under the portfolio of the Ministry of Employment which is now the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs and is headed by Minister Patricia Francourt effective from 3rd October 2020.

The Social Affairs Department comprises of two main Division as Follows:-

The Principal Secretary Secretariat

Office of the Principal Secretary Section

  • Secretariat Unit
  • Accounts Unit

Human Resources Management and Administration Section

  • Secratariat Unit
  • Human Resource Management Unit
  • System Support Unit
  • Administration Unit

Support Programme Section

  • Secretariat Unit
  • Night Shelter Unit
  • Family Centre Unit
  • Youth Residential Centre Unit
  • ECCE Parenting Education and Psychosocial Programme Unit

Social Services Division

Secretariat Section

  • Secretariat Unit
  • ECCE Unit
  • Compliance and Monitoring Unit

Court, Adoption & Fostering Section

  • Secretariat Unit
  • Court, Adoption & Fostering Unit

Community, Child Protection & Family Support Section

  • Secretariat Unit
  • Community Social Work Unit
  • Outstation (Praslin & La Digue) Unit
  • Family Support Unit
  • Child Protection Unit

Message from the Principal Secretary for the Department of Social Affairs

I have the pleasure to welcome you to the Social Affairs Department website, linked to that of our parent ministry, Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs’ website. The Social Affairs Department’s website aims to provide the public, our local and international partners with useful information about the Department, its services and timely information when required and a medium to interact with and respond to public concerns.

Our core values are to uphold the dignity of the person, which is a fundamental, and core principle of the social work profession, integrity, respect, high level of professionalism and building a trusting relationship with our service users.

Our dynamic and committed team of young and seasoned professionals based in all districts on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and our headquarters at Unity House are easily accessible. They are at your service and work diligently to provide psychosocial support and counselling to alleviate distress, restore social functioning, ensure protective services for children and support services to the Courts.

I invite you to stay connected with us to access the necessary services, get the information you require and provide us with feedback to improve our services to ensure client satisfaction.


A harmonious society where individuals respect and uphold values, human dignity and contribute towards their well-being, economic and social stability.


Enhance social functioning at all levels of society by promoting, empowering and supporting the functions and responsibilities of individuals and families.

Core Values



We will be professional in our line of duty.



We will actively engage with all our Staff and partners.



We will be accountable, reliable and trustworthy.



We will respect confidential information entrusted to us by all our clients.


The Department of Social Affairs’ mandate is to promote, support and empower Seychellois families and individuals, recognizing the complexities of development on families and the need to identify the root causes of those factors which impact on family life and help bring positive life changes for the betterment of our society.  To bring meaningful change, effectively support families and help them to address the challenges of everyday life, the Department must continue to provide effective intervention services, develop strategies, policies and carry out outreach activities


Children’s Helpline 116