Training in Social Workers’ Role in Dementia

The Social Affairs Department continues with the drive to offer continuous professional development to its staff through partnership with civil society.
Alzheimer is a debilitating disease that affects the elderly population and can be very difficult for families to cope with.
The Seychelles Alzheimer Foundation (SAF) offered to provide training over two Saturdays to a group of social workers. The first group of twelve social workers attended the training on 23rd April 2022 whilst the second group of another ten Social Workers, rallied at the Cable and Wireless Training room for the training on the Social Workers’ role in Dementia.

There were in all, seven informative presentations by different professionals who shared their expertise and knowledge about the disease. The first presentation by Doctor Annia Rousseau targeted “Understanding the disease, getting familiar with AD stages, expected reaction after diagnosis, prognosis. Impact of Dementia at individual level, the family level and on the health systems”. Short videos in helped the participants to visualise the complex world of people with Alzheimer Dementia. Doctor Annia also presented the participants with a mechanism – the “Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation (SAF) Screening Questionnaire on Dementia” for fast tracking referrals.

Other knowledge gained were through the following presentations:

  • Family Dynamics and adaptation to the new reality of dementia, by Mr. Jimmy Petrousse.
  • Dementia and Hearing Loss, by Mr. Georges Savy
  • Patient and caregiver needs. How needs can be identified and evaluated. Resources available, by Ms. Bernadette Payet
  • Palliative Care, by Dr. Annia
  • Become a mediator between family, patients’ behaviours, and their environment. Enabling effective communication, by Miss. Sarentha Luther
  • Mental Health Act, by Mr. Victor Pool.

The training sessions ended with presentation of certificates to the participants, on the first Saturday by the Patron of SAF, Mrs. Lise Church and the Director Social Services, Ms Beryl Laboudallon and the last day of the training Principal Secretary for Social Affairs, Mrs. Linda William Melanie was in attendance to present certificates to the participants.

The Ministry congratulates the twenty- two staff who willingly accepted to participate in the training and thanks the Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation for the great initiative to raise awareness about Alzheimer and dementia to the staff of the Department.