Social Work Day 2023

A church service was held at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception on the 22nd of March to commemorate World Social Work Day. The service was presided by Father Alcindor alongside Bishop Wong. The Principal Secretary, Director of Social services and all social workers from the Department were in attendance. The service also saw the participation of other supporting partners and the general public.
In his opening address, Father Alcindor wished all social workers present a happy world social work day and he added that the work of social workers is crucial to provide support and service to the most vulnerable in our society. Although noble it can be a very challenging job, therefore he thanked all social workers for the work that they do.
In Bishop Wong’s sermon, he described the work of social workers as the work of the Lord and advised them to let themselves be guided by the Lord in challenging times. He thanked them for all their hard work and encouraged them to continue on this noble path.
During the church service the long service awardee for the year with 10 years in service, Ms. Noreen Sinon addressed the congregation detailing her journey at the Social Affairs Department. She explained that despite challenges encountered throughout her journey, she persevered with God’s grace and the support from her social worker colleagues. She described her work as her vocation and explained that the work she does is always with the best interest of the client in mind.
The church service was well animated by the social workers; and it was well appreciated by all present.