Sensitization forum on relevant chapters of the Civil Code 2020 of Seychelles

On the 1st of July 2022 the Social Affairs Department organized a sensitization forum on the Civil Code 2020 of Seychelles facilitated by Honorable Bernard Georges. The Minister for Employment and Social affairs, Minister Patricia Francourt was in attendance along with the Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Minister Marie-Celine Zialor and the Minister for Local Government and Community Affairs Rose Marie Hoareau. The Principal Secretaries from the Housing Department, Local Government, Family Department as well as the Social Affairs Department were also present at the session.

The half-day session was organized to enlighten staff from the Social Affairs Department as well as other representatives from other Ministries, Departments and Agencies present on the new amendments made under the Civil Code 2020.In his delivery, Honorable Georges went over the history of the Civil Code and its entry to Seychelles. He also explained that the new amendments made to the Civil code were necessary to make it more relevant to the current times.

Honorable Georges went over some of the aspects of the Civil Code especially in terms of marriage, qualifying relationship, Divorce as well as Property and Ownership. He also highlighted that Seychelles inserted the Right to Privacy in the Civil Code which puts Seychelles ahead of a lot of countries in the world. Various other areas were covered and participants present were able to get clarifications on the parts of the civil code which were covered during the session as well as other areas which will aid them in conducting their work and provide better advice and services to their clients.