Performance Contract staff meeting-2023

The Human Resources team at the Social Affairs Department organized a series of meetings during the last week of January to go over the performance management system and the performance contract with all staffs of the Department. Staffs were informed that all employees will be evaluated based on the performance management system guideline. Evaluation will be based on the work carried out by employees, how they go about carrying out their respective duties and their final result. Employees’ continuous development of knowledge, skills and competencies remains as the primary focus.

Paying close attention to staff development, the supervisors and the Principal Secretary of the Department will be able to monitor and identify performance gap through the Performance contract of each staff. It was emphasized that each employee of the Department should have a performance contract for them to be appraised at the end of the year.

Staffs were given detailed information about the performance appraisal cycle where together with their respective supervisors they were to meet at the beginning of the year to discuss and agree upon their set objectives and target for the different competences for the year. They were also informed about the mid-year review process where they could amend their performance contract upon further discussion with their supervisors. Finally, staffs were given a set deadline at the end of the year to complete all their objectives in their contract before the formal appraisal process takes place.

A lot of emphasis was put on the objectives set and the way staff will go about achieving their set targets. Staff took the opportunity to clarify issues they had encountered in the preceding year and advice was given on how to better prepare and plan for this year. Through the meetings, staffs were equipped with the required information to develop their respective performance contract.