Minister Francourt visits staff at the Social Affairs Department

The senior management committee of Social Affairs Department met for their last quarterly meeting of the year, attended by Minister Patricia Francourt, who thanked the staff for their tireless effort following the disasters of 7th December, 2023.
After the meeting and a special lunch for members of senior management, the Minister went around exchanging words of appreciation to each staff individually, recognizing their ability to be part of the essential team that is still bringing relief to those affected by flooding in northern Mahe and the CCCL blast.
Despite being immersed in very demanding jobs, she reminded them of the importance to rest and also exchanged festive greetings.
A mixture of emotions was evoked when the time came to say goodbye to Marie-Agnes Ally, a long-serving senior member of staff who is leaving the department after 29 wonderful years of service.
Minister Francourt described her as a special, unique and amazing person who is leaving a legacy.
The Department of Social Affairs thanked Mrs Ally for her devotion, wishing her continued prosperity in her pursuits.