International Women’s Day 2023

In Minister Francourt’s message to commemorate International women’s day, she states that:
“Celebrating Women, whether professionally or personally, is a sense of commitment to each and every Woman in one’s life. Today is a global day to recognize and celebrate women’s and girls’ social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It is also a time to raise awareness of the progress made towards achieving gender equality and the work remaining to be done. International Women’s Day is all about valuing oneself and realizing one’s full potential. Aside from that, it is also a day for Women to summon the fortitude to overcome all obstacles in all areas of life in order to achieve significant progress”.

As part of the activities to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, the Social Affairs Department organized a health talk with female staffs of the Department. The talk, led by Ms. Gina Laporte focused on gastritis, hypertension and diabetes, which are common health issues faced by a good portion of the population. The Staffs present had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on the stated health issues as they learned about the causes and preventive measures to the health problems. The session was very interactive and interesting and participants could clarify doubts and get additional advice on adopting a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, a token of appreciation was distributed to all 82 female staffs of the Department. The male staffs took on the task to hand out the tokens to their female colleagues and the gesture was well appreciated. A representative of the Department also went for a visit at the Hospital to deliver a token to a female colleague admitted.

The Principal Secretary of the Department also shared her women’s day message to staffs emphasizing on self-reflection and understanding our purpose as well as channeling our inner powers to overcome personal and professional challenges.

In PS William-Melanie’s word, as women we should “Keep on standing tall and keep spreading love and light to those we serve.”