International Men’s Day 2022

On the occasion of International men’s day which is celebrated on the 19th November 2022, the Social Affairs Department organized a half day symposium for all male staff of the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.

The event which took place on Friday 18th November 2022 saw the participation of more than 40 staff form the various the two Departments of the Ministry and entity.
The activity was coordinated by Ms. Gina Laporte with the aim of providing the male staff with ample information about Male health and how to undertake preventive and proactive care.

In attendance to commemorate this day was the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, Mrs. Patricia Francourt, Principal Secretary for Social Affairs, Mrs. Linda William Melanie, Principal Secretary for Employment Mr. Jules Baker staff from the Social Affairs Department, Employment Department and Agency for Social Protection.

During her address, Minister Francourt conveyed her message to the men of the Ministry as well as the general male population. She stressed on the importance for all men to take their responsibility of their health and to be more proactive in living a healthy and less stressful life. Minister Francourt also highlighted on the need for all men to educate themselves of the all factors that can affect their lives and to better understand the need to take charge of their lives.

The event started with the cutting of a cake for this special occasion followed by health presentations by Dr. Gopal on the various cancers with more emphasis on prostate cancer, that is very common in men. Those present had the opportunity to know more about prostate cancer, the symptoms, signs of the cancer for early detection etc.

Dr. Gopal was followed by another presentation by Ms. Gina Laporte, a nurse by profession on High blood pressure and diabetes which are other common non-communicable diseases.
In general, the sessions helped to promote healthy masculinity, encourage men to express and communicate their views about men’s health issues and also as an encouragement for them to go forward and get tested, hence be more proactive when it comes to their health.

The session ended with PS Baker in his closing remarks urging all male staff not to hesitate to do their routine check-ups and maintain a healthy life-style.