Clocking 44 years of loyal and devoted service

The prospect of retiring too early may seem daunting for some whilst others await their retirement with much anticipation.

Most often, very little thought is given to one’s life journey being pre-occupied with juggling work with family life and all other significant events that mark one’s life. Clocking long years of dedicated and loyal service is one of the greatest milestone of life and calls for celebration. Social Affairs Department celebrated this accomplishment with Mrs Stella Morel, one of the longest serving staff of the department as she reached the crossroad of her life’s journey to retire from active duty.

Mrs Morel clocked 44 years of continuous and loyal service in the public service, serving 29 long years within the Ministry with the portfolio responsibility for employment and social affairs. She has during her long career served under fourteen ministers, four being ministers under the second Republic and nine ministers of the third Republic, all of whom held the portfolio for social affairs from 1993 till 2022.

Minister Patricia Francourt and the Senior Management Team of the Social Affairs Department, recently hosted Mrs Morel to a lunch to say thank you and bid her well. During this nostalgic occasion, the Principal Secretary and the different heads of programme reminiscence on her career path whilst she worked with different ministers, principal secretaries and other colleagues. To note that the Social Affairs Department was twined with the following departments and ministries: Employment and Social Affairs; Health and Social Development; Social Affairs and Culture; Health and Social Affairs; Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports; Family Affairs and recently back as Employment and Social Affairs.

Whilst going down memory lane, a jovial Mrs Morel recounted her many adventures, challenges and opportunities she has had to fulfill her career aspiration and make her a wholesome person. She had only encouraging parting words and advice for colleagues. “Pran letan pou ekout zot staff e koz ek zot pou konpran zot..Pa pran desizyon tro vit”

Minister Patricia Francourt thanked Mrs Morel for her long years of loyal and committed service to the department and presented her with a beautiful basket of assorted flowers as a token of appreciation, a gift that was well received by Mrs Morel, given her green fingers and love for flowers. On behalf of the Department, the Principal Secretary, Linda William-Melanie presented Mrs Morel with a shield and other special treat courtesy of the management team.

Wishing Mrs Stella Morel a happy retirement