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Burial Services


Provide burial services and manages cemeteries.








       Service users:

       People needing to bury their families


       Staff based at: Mont Fleuri cemetery office

                                  District cemeteries



  • The service user provides a burial permit certificate from Civil Status.

  • The Cemetery Manager is informed by the service user of the date and time of burial, 24 hours beforehand.

  • The Cemetery Manager or Supervisor arranges for the grave preparation, re-opening and staff to perform burial.

  • In the case of re-opening, the service user provides the death certificate of the deceased, already buried, and health authority approval certificate.

  • In relation to the above the grave should be correctly identified by the service user, in consultation with the register.

  • The sum of SR8 is to be paid before burial.

  • The sum of SR40 is to be paid for the purchase of a grave.

  • The sum of SR10 is to be paid for the erection of a grave.




        Tel: (248) 32 12 95 Mont Fleuri cemetery office

        Fax: (248) 22 56 56




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